Top FAQs About Solar Energy

The benefits of solar energy are numerous, both when it comes to your impact on the environment and the cost that you pay for electricity. However, many people are not informed about how it can help them or where to start when they are interested in investing in an installation. Find out answers to common questions regarding solar panels from the experts at Greenpoint Solar & Electrical below and get a free consultation from our team today!


Why Should I Turn to Solar?

One of the main reasons that more people and businesses are turning to commercial and residential solar panels is that it is good for the environment. Solar energy decreases our collective reliability on fossil fuels that pollute the planet and contribute to climate change. Another reason to make the switch to solar energy is that it can save you money on energy bills. 

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What Are the Financial Benefits?

Initially, there is a cost when it comes to making the change to solar panels. While this can be potentially prohibitive, you will save money down the line. Additionally, states like New York and others around the nation are leading the charge for solar energy by offering incentives and tax credits for those who make efforts to have efficient systems installed. 


How Do Solar Panels Work?

Commercial and residential solar panels work by absorbing the energy from the sun during the day and converting it into electricity. This initial direct current is then converted to an alternating current, which is what most homes and buildings run on. Even in cloudy cities that don’t see an excess of direct sunlight, they are still able to produce energy for your home and reduce energy costs.

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What Does an Installation Cost?

A big concern when it comes to people making the switch to solar energy is the initial price of installation. This price is entirely dependent on the size of your home or business, and the amount of electricity that you require on a daily basis. A reliable solar energy company can help you get an estimate regarding your specific needs and give you a fair quote based on the number of panels that you will need.

Solar energy is a quickly-growing, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way to help reduce emissions and decrease the strain on your wallet when it comes to monthly bills. If you are interested in commercial or residential solar panel installation in New York, make sure that you work with a company that is able to provide you with an informed, fair quote and reliable services when you partner with Greenpoint Solar & Electrical. Get in touch and get a free estimate from our team today.